Dilligent’s carbon accounting software automatically collates your organization’s GHG data and produces up to 80 different pre-configured audit-ready reports, presenting a single source of truth for your organization.


Normative is a carbon accounting engine that helps businesses measure exactly how much emissions they generate through combining hard data and rigorous calculations to deliver reliable results.


FigBytes platform helps companies establish a credible GHG inventory and benchmark carbon performance across your organization’s operations with a fully auditable and transparent software solution.


Optera platform helps to quantify your organization’s natural resource use and emissions impacts across your operations and value chain. It also has other solutions offerings like supply chain management, goal setting, etc.


Watershed’s carbon data engine analyzes emissions for every line item of your business. It measures all scopes of GHG emissions and has state-of-the-art methodologies for remote work, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, food, apparel, and more.