Globally, we are partnering with our suppliers, big or small, so that we can design for resilience and build a better world. Through innovation, optimization, and new ways of working, we have partnered to pilot initiatives across different categories.

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Partnerships for innovation on fleet are critical to accelerate the transition into low carbon economies. We are working hard to pilot and scale new technologies around the world.

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Continuously looking for solutions for our facilities, we are working hard to improve our resource efficiency and lower our environmental footprint.

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Championing one of the largest circular economies in the world, we are looking for new solutions to continue to protect and promote returnables, to increase efficiency, transparency and dignity in our recycling supply chains, and to identify alternative sustainable packaging solutions.

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Our entire value chain can come together to protect our environment, identify and scale new packaging solutions, invest in clean energy and engage consumers on recycling.

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Share with us your commitment and significant projects that you have implemented in your organization. Let us know what you are interested in talking about, to start discussion groups. Lastly, you will be invited to report into CDP once a year to report your plans so that, together, we can achieve our 2025 sustainability goals.