Premier platform for food & beverage supply chain sustainability collaboration by delivering an online portal for the facilitation of the Activate program which delivers on the unmet needs of activate participants, facilitators, and corporate brand program leads (ABI and others in the future) to accelerate the implementation of sustainability improvements within manufacturing supply chains.

Frequent Questions

Only active members have access to the webpage through password protected registration

  • A list of Sustainable Vendors containing: sell sheets, case studies, product & service catalogs, etc.
  • Newsletters, product updates, sustainability summit videos & materials, other updates from Eclipse program leaders.
  • Content and materials from each of the workstreams facilitated by Guidehouse.
  • Chat and messaging within the website.
  • Email addresses and LinkedIn profiles will be shared for further opportunities to interact.
  • Chat capability.
  • Calendar for upcoming events / workshops / deadlines.

A location program participants can propose collaboration projects, workshops, or common problems they are looking for partnerships on.

Users can provide recommendations or feedback on various solution providers, with star rating system, with comments, but for solution providers / providers.

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